Il Capitano

Mathias Andreas, born in 1963, since he was a child he dreamed of spending his life by the sea, fate pleased him by taking him to Sardinia. His dreams are fully realized only when he decides to change course and give up his role as an engineer.

Prudent and careful navigator, calm and thoughtful when necessary. Qualified as an officer for pleasure ships, registered in the 1st category of seafarers, member of the Naval League and the Italian Sailing Federation, the seas of Sardinia are his home.

He shares the secrets of life on a boat, and likes to stimulate the passion for sailing with direct involvement in the maneuvers, theory and practice of navigation. The natural aptitude for communication and socialization is supported by years of experience on stage in the musical, theatrical and radio fields.

Cheerful, adventurous, sporty, altruistic and helpful. His lifestyle is that of a holiday without obligatory itineraries, nor long-term programs or projects. The desire to live in a better world leads him to the awareness of action. We can and must all do something, therefore his boat reflects respect for the sea and over time he has equipped and adapted it to make it eco-sustainable.