Sailboat captain in Sardinia

Mathias Andreas Reiter

Mathias Andreas, born in 1963 under the sign of Sagittarius, has been passionate about sailing since childhood. He is experienced and watchful navigator, who keeps calm even with strong gale. He is a qualified captain, chartered in the 1st category of Italian seamen register and is a member of Italian Naval Association. The sea of Sardinia is his home. Graduated with honours, he is also a part-time architect.
“I love sharing this enjoyment, I love to inspire the joy of sailing in my co-sailors and to introduce them into the secrets of life at sea. Onboard Ichnusa anybody can learn sailing theory and practice and participate in sailing maneuvers if the weather conditions allow”.
Mathias naturally loves socializing. His good communication skills are also due to years of stage performing as music and theater artist and as radio DJ. He is a cheerful, adventurous, sporty, caring and helpful person who doesn’t say no to occasional nightlife. A life on vacation, where sea and wind command, without schedule nor long-term projects. Isn’t the world of sailing an ideal place for it?